Howard Hughes: The Real Aviator
Reckless, daring, inventive, excessive, eccentric and secretive only begin to describe billionaire Howard R Hughes. The man who broke speed and round-the-world flying records, built RKO Studios and TWA comes to life in his own words, in “HOWARD HUGHES: The Real Aviator”.

“Howard Hughes: The Real Aviator” is more than a one-hour documentary about facts and figures about the late billionaire. This “event-oriented” special sheds light on this rarely understood personality through the acquisition of extremely rare and lost on-camera interviews, press conferences, government hearings and newsreel footage. Finally, hear the words that Hughes spoke, wrote and created rather then from an outsider’s perspective.

“Howard Hughes: The Aviator” solves some of the most intriguing mysteries about Howard Hughes, including how a spoiled misfit teenager leaves Texas to romance some of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood and ends up producing feature films and owning RKO Motion Picture Studios. Watch first-hand how Hughes breaks flight records and ends up crashing three times only to design and build a plane 60% bigger than today’s 747’s; “The Spruce Goose” and how he bought and built Trans World Airways (TWA) into the most successful airline in the world. Learn why Hughes shifted his focus to buying most of Las Vegas and creating covert relationships with the CIA, FBI, Johnson, Kennedy and Nixon. Learn what kind of man gives hand-written orders to his associates, having never met them, and remains a recluse for close to the last twenty years of his life. Learn the events that triggered phobias that engulfed this brilliant but tortured man.

What’s the legacy for Hughes? Was it the money, the fame, the power, the freedom… or was it all of it?

With Schwartz & Company’s successful production experience on over 15 specials, including “Terror on the Titanic”, “Armageddon”, “Journey to Mars” and “Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack”, a fresh, new and exciting perspective is enthusiastically presented.

Length: 1 X 60

North American Video Distribution: Schwartz & Company, Inc.
Worldwide Television and International Video Distribution: Rigel Entertainment