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Vanguard Cinema: Arizona
Directed by Daniel & David M Holechek

"A Tense and Riveting Thriller. A Brilliant Directorial Debut. Provocative Performances" -The Movie Voice

"Heaven Peabody is a find. Her solid understated performance is something to admire" -Reba Toney, 97.9 Fish FM, LA

Four teenagers become forever changed by a series of tragic events. The lives of two brothers and two sisters cross paths. The brothers were torn apart by resentment and jealousy, and the sisters embarked upon a search for love in the wrong places. The foursome find themselves linked together by a common desire for a second chance, and a new beginning in their young lives. Arizona is a slick looking, award-winning directorial debut about teenage love and redemption.

Includes music by some of the hottest names in independent rock: The Appleseed Cast, Hinterland, Snowball, Dead Poetic, Lykaden, Soul's Voice, and Adeja Snow.

Starring: Heaven Peabody, Mike Elling, Mishi Schueller, Brandon Tyra, and Dezeryelle Arcieri.

Running Time: 94 minutes