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Vanguard Cinema: VIDEO X The Dwayne & Darla-Jean Story
Directed by James Mortellaro

Video X tells the story of an incredible crime spree by an unlikely couple of small town America sweet-hearts, that was videotaped by them-selves. Starting out as an innocent love affair, where a under age small town Kentucky girl runs away from home with her older boyfriend. They head down the highway in the middle of the night, but soon, events unfold that steer them down a very dark path, passed a point of no return, where the innocent love affair spins violently out of control leading to shocking crimes and murders. Even then, they are still not done.

Also included: MURDER IN THE HEARTLAND: The Search for Video X; a 75 minute docudrama about VIDEO X and its characters, where a film crew sets out to find answers to the worst crime spree in years, and uncovers a secret they never dreamed of. Despite arrests and risks to their lives, the film crew travels through the Deep South to interview family, friends and corrupt police officials, all trying to comprehend what happened, and why, in order to solve the mystery behind VIDEO X.

Starring: Joey Gibson, Michelle Moretti, and Jack Kyle.

Running Time: 155 minutes